Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lets Party!!!!!!!

In room 15 the Dynamite Chickens Ranui, Toby, Oscar and Hamish have made a party survey so we can have a list of what we want and don't want at our party.

To find what we wanted at our party we answered sheets with questions on them.

1) What Kind Of cake would you like?
(sponge cake)
(ice cream cake)
(no cake)

(2) What theme would we want at your party?
(jungle theme)
(pirate theme)
(princess or superhero theme)
(no theme)

(3)What is our favourite party game?
(lolly hunt /lolly scramble)
(pin the tail on the donkey)
(pass the parcel)

(4)What is your favorite party drink?
(l and P)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Oscar's Pie Graph

In Room 15 we have been doing charts/pie graphs to find out what we wanted at our party.We have been using things such as counters, ice block sticks and cubes to gather information on what we wanted at our party. The Statements are...
Rugby and pass the parcel tied last on the popular chart.
 Lolly hunt/Scramble had 10 votes.

What is your favourite party game?

How many more people wanted pinata than lolly hunt/scramble?
3 more people wanted pinata than lolly hunt/scramble.

Pie Chart !!!!!

No-one wanted pass the parcel.
One person wanted pin the tail on the donkey.

Block Chart !!!!!!!!

The dynamite chickens have been making charts in room 15. The whole class voted and then we put all the votes into a block chart.To vote we had different colours of blocks each colour represents a different flavour of food.